“How To Stop Draughts for Good And Save On Your Energy Bills”

Looking forward to your next heating bill?… The cost just seems to go up, and up and up.  This free eGuide – written by specialists – explains in simple terms:

  • How to improve the thermal efficiency of your windows by more than 60%
  • How you can reduce your yearly heating bill by 15 per cent
  • Why double glazing is NOT the best solution for insulation
  • How you can keep your period windows and still stay warm
  • Why secondary glazing is a good, cost-effective choice
  • How you can be enjoying extra warmth in your home

How To Stop Draughts for Good And Save On Your Energy Bills

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Those energy companies sure know how to charge, don’t they?

It’s extra tough on homeowners with older, period properties. That single glazing just ushers in the freezing cold and sweeps all the heat out in an instant.

All those draughts are reflected in those huge, ugly bills.

And it’s not so easy to enjoy your home to the full when it’s simply brass monkeys inside!

You could put on another layer. But how many more jumpers do you want to wear – especially if already at the scarf and coat stage?

You could add an extra heater or two. Just think what that will do to your bills.

You could try double glazing. But are you really willing to sacrifice your beautiful, period feature windows – and lose them for good?

There is a sensible alternative, you know.


Stop the draughts


Save on bills


Enjoy your home all year

How To Stop Draughts for Good And Save On Your Energy Bills

Living in a period property with single glazing should not mean having to give up your quality of life – or the character of your home.

The right solution can cut out most of the heat loss without having to sacrifice the look and feel of the place. It can even add value to your property – regardless of age. If you live in a listed building or conservation area it’s even more important to choose carefully.

Returning some natural warmth to your home need not cost the earth.

This short eGuide makes a neat summary of it all for you…


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