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We deliver free to most of the UK.

Unfortunately, your postcode is not in our frequent delivery area.

What can I do to reduce delivery costs?

Order more windows:

The delivery charge is per delivery. I.e. if you order one window then the delivery is say £100 for that one window. But if your ordered 10 windows at once then the cost per window would be £10 each– much better.

  • You can pickup the window at our factory for free (Located S25 3QD)

  • You can pickup the window somewhere close to you.

More than likely, we deliver free or at a far lesser charge to a location near you. (e.g. we deliver free as far north as Edinburgh; south to Maidstone, Bath and Crawley; West to Cardiff and Shrewsbury. Why don’t you try some local postcodes – if you know someone/ some business who is happy to take the delivery for you, we will be happy to deliver it!


To save the environment we minimise the packaging for windows. The window is shrink-wrapped in heavy-duty plastic and cardboard and foam protection is put in critical areas. However, care is still needed during transport. The window is glass, heavy and fragile till it is installed. We only transport in our own vans. We wrap them in blankets and transport windows vertically. (You can transport them horizontally but extra care needs to be taken. In particular don’t put anything on top of the window.)

Please refer to the quote to get the size of the window and its weight. (Make sure you can fit it in your vehicle, and you don’t need two people because of the size or weight).


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