Edging Trims & Gaskets

Edging Trim:

Edging trim can be applied to the perimeter of the frame to finish and neaten the installation. This process seals and hides the gap between wall and frame in the reveal which was created by the tolerance deduction process which ensures fit and adjustment during the installation. 

*Standard trim is supplied with all units, in oversized lengths for for the 4 front faces of the units, this is cut and scribed on site as required, see below for options and recommendations.

You can choose your own finishing option to seal the gap to get your preferred finish.

*Trim is not supplied with the Vision Insert Panel, trim can be added as an optional extra.

Fitting Trim

Standard Trim:

The standard trim supplied with the units is default set to 20mm x 6mm..

With White standard colour units this is default set to a White uPVC. we recommend uPVC as it is easy to work with, colour matches the white aluminium and is maintenance free.

  • Standard White Units: the 20 x 6mm white uPVC trim is supplied free-of-charge.
  • Colour Selected Units: the 20 x 6mm trim is default set to a unit colour matched timber.
20mm Trim

Alternative Options & Recommendations:

Where a reveal is relatively square, with minor variations in width & height, the standard 20mm x 6mm trim will work well. The approx. 5mm per side tolerance gap will be covered by the trim sealed off and finished with a bead of decorators caulk. this will work with an approx. 3-4mm variation in the aperture width and height. 

Windows Trimmed

Out-of-Square apertures:

Where a reveal is notably distorted or has lumps bumps or cables to contend with, as an optional extra a wider trim can be applied, the can be selected in the modify section of the FastQuote system, either by applying to all side or using the “Add extra trim” function, you can specify trim specific to each side of the unit as required. Subject to how distorted the aperture is will determine how wide a trim you will require. Order an oversized trim which can then be cut and scribed to fit.

Awkward Trimmed

Optional Trim:

The following trim options are available to add to all sides or specific sides and can be purchase at the time of ordering your unit’s. Trim lengths will be cut to an appropriate oversize length where selected as the main size or you can choose a required length in the “Add Extra Trim” function. Prices are confirmed when add and recalculating the quote.

White uPVC:

  • 20mm x 6mm as an extra
  • 28mm x 6mm
  • 45mm x 6mm
  • 95 x 6mm 


Painted Timber (colour matched to unit):

  • 20mm x 6mm
  • 27mm x 6mm
  • 40mm x 6mm
  • 60mm x 6mm
  • 90mm x 6mm

Splayed / Angled reveals:

If face fixing you can elect to have a standard frame section and over trim any gap. You can also apply the optional extra Bevelled Timber option where the sub-frame can be angled as required to fit the angle of the reveal, this will give a slimmer line finish. We would also recommend selecting the Bevelled Timber option if Reveal Fixing as this will prevent the frame from twisting whist being screw fixed into place.

Fixing Options Splayed Reveal

Back Trimming: (Reveal fixing Only)

This optional extra simply duplicates the main selected trim specified and doubles the quantity, so both the front and back of the unit can be trimmed off. This is applicable if you want to double seal the unit and make it more attractive to view from an outside looking in perspective if the unit is visible.


The Gasket is a rubber seal which secures the glass into the aluminium glazing panel. It is a few millimetres is size and boarders the perimeter of the glass.

It can be applied in either a White or Black colour, either makes no difference to performance and would be selected for personal preference for appearance.

  • White or Cream colour units it is default set to white.
  • Darker colours the Black gasket would be better suited.


You can change the gasket colour in the FastQuote modify section as required.

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