Key Benefits of Secondary Glazing

Our discreet, high performance secondary glazing solutions will perfectly complement your home. They are specifically designed for maximum thermal and sound insulation with additional security and condensation control.

Thermal Insulation

Installing secondary glazing can help you to achieve thermal efficiency savings of up to 60% in your property or business premises.

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Secondary glazing is a proven method of significantly reducing outside noise from traffic, airports, industrial estates and general street noise.

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Increased Security

Doors and windows are the easiest way into a building. A secondary glazed panel creates an additional security obstacle for any intruders.

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Condensation Solution

Have a condensation problem in your property? In most cases, fitting Clearview Secondary Glazing will completely eliminate condensation in your home.

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Retain Character

Our secondary glazing is unobtrusive and allows you to retain the original character in your home. Once installed our discreet solutions are barely noticeable inside or out.

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Value For Money

Lower heating bills means that over time secondary glazing helps pay for itself. All without the disruption and cost of replacement windows and redecoration.

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Renovating and restoring original windows helps to prevent waste and the environmental damage that the manufacture of replacement uPVC windows causes.

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Heritage & Listed

Clearview specialise in period property and listed buildings, and have designed and supplied secondary glazing systems to landmark properties across the UK.

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