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Fitting Clearview secondary glazing is simple and straightforward for anyone who tackles home DIY. Or you could ask a trusted tradesman to install for you. Whichever option you choose, most secondary glazing units can be fitted in a couple of hours, and no pre-preparation is needed on the primary window, and no touching up or re-decoration is required afterwards. Clearview secondary glazing kits arrive with simple, easy to follow fitting instructions, and customers report they found fitting secondary glazing simple and hassle free.

Wider trims and fixing kits are available to purchase to help with your installation.

For larger jobs, or if you live in our fitting area, our installation team can do the job for you.


Your secondary glazing order has arrived

Your Clearview secondary glazing order has arrived, you’ve removed the packaging- here’s what you need to know and do next.

Note: the timber sub-frame is a value engineered section, it is designed to be trimmed over and hidden from view when installed. It may appear marked and show imperfections including scratches and chips, this is perfectly normal and will not detract from the performance of the system. Feedback has confirmed that customers prefer the cost benefit  of this rather than an uplift in price covering the additional work involved in enhancing the appearance of a hidden component. 

Your primary window should need no preparation, but if it holds a telephone junction box, you will need to move it. In most cases, TV aerials and telephone cables can be accommodated, or left in place, and the secondary glazing frame can be notched to cater for these. Any cord ties can be attached back to the sub-frame after fitting.



Remember to

  1. Use the pre-drilled fixing points to fit your secondary glazed unit.
  2. Lift the secondary glazed unit into position and adjust (if necessary pack to ensure it is central, level and matches any primary window gazing bars), aided by the tolerance deduction. Pack around the unit, as required, to ensure the unit is level and centred.
  3. Mark, drill and screw-fix the secondary glazed unit into place, checking the unit is level and in position. When fixed, the tolerance deduction leaves an approximate 5mm gap around the unit (depending on how straight your primary window frame is) which will be covered by the edging trims we supply with every order. These can be shaped to fit between wall and frame covering for a neat finish, and they are attached to the sub-frame with a ‘no-nails’ type adhesive or silicone.

There’s no disruption when installing secondary glazing, and the work should be finished in a matter of hours, with no need to re-decorate. All Clearview products are covered by our 10 Year Guarantee, beginning from the date we supply your order. It guarantees that the product as supplied to you is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 10 years for aluminium frames and glazing and 2 years for moving parts (including but not limited to springs, locks, handles, rollers, hinges). Our guarantee is a demonstration of our commitment to our customers and the quality of our product.

With minimum, regular maintenance, Clearview secondary glazing will deliver years of trouble-free operation.



Note on standard fixing screw sizes

  • We advise a minimum of 20mm screw fixing penetration depth. Longer screws may be required if fixing through a light/false panel wall area, until a secure key is found.
  • For face fix (standard 43mm x 16 or 62 x 16mm sub-frame) 4mm x 70mm
  • For reveal fix (track drilled or XL sub-frame) 4mm x 50mm
  • We do not provide fixing screws or packers as standard as requirements differ from property to property, and the correct mix of materials cannot be catered for. However as an optional extra, you can purchase a variety of fixing materials and kits from our Online Shop.

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