All trading is covered by The Consumer Rights Act 2015

We are required by law to confirm your rights in relation to: Customer Contracts (Information, Cancellation & Additional Charges) Regulations 2013

Important Information

Covid-19: We are unable to accept any consequential loss caused directly or indirectly by the pandemic. 

Your Rights

It is our responsibility to supply you with goods that meet your consumer rights. If you have any concerns that we have not met our legal obligations please contact us, our contact details are given below.

Cancellation – Your Rights – underlined applies

You have no right to cancel this contract because the goods that we will supply you will be made to your approved specification. 

Effects of cancellation

If you cancel this contract we will reimburse you, subject to certain deductions set out below. 

  • you will have to pay our material and/or labour costs for the work that we have done up to the point when you informed us of your decision to cancel
  • we will not collect or remove any goods that have been supplied or installed, unless we have offered to do so
  • you may remove the goods yourself and return them to us at a notified address and at your own expense within 14 days of informing us of your decision to cancel unless this was offered by us
  • There can be no reimbursement for fit for purpose supplied goods as they are bespoke built with no reuse value. 

We will make the reimbursement without undue delay, and not later than:

14 days after the day that we received the goods that we supplied back from you, or if earlier, 14 days after the day you provide evidence that you have returned the goods, or if there were no goods supplied or if there were goods and we offered to collect them, 14 days after the day on which we are informed about your decision to cancel this contract.

We will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of the reimbursement. We may withhold reimbursement until we have received the goods back or you have supplied evidence of having sent back the goods, whichever is the earliest.

Installation Warranty:

The Clearview warranty period begins from the date that we supply and install your order, this is not an insurance backed guarantee but it guarantees that the product as supplied to you is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of: 

  • 10 years – Aluminium Frames
  • 2 years – Moving parts (including but not limited to, locks, handles, rollers, hinges). Caulk and ancillary fillers/sealants.
  • 1 year – Spriral Spring Balances (Vertical Sliding systems)
  • 14-Days – Glass – subject to issue raised – see claims.
  • Blinds – 12 months


This is the Companies commitment to the customer, to evaluate and rectify issues as required, it is not an insurance backed guarantee and is not transferable if the property is sold.

We cannot accept claims or responsibility for issues or impact of the secondary glazing in relation to the primary window, this includes, but not limited to, access, window furniture, locks, handles, openings, curtains, blinds, shutters. Should any fault be be caused by misuse or improper operational handling, any rectifications are chargeable.   

Survey & Installation:

The survey is carried out specifically and only for the manufacturing sizes of the Goods, to assess access and any aspects related to the fitting of the Goods in relation to the windows being treated. We cannot accept any responsibility for other parts of the building in relation to performance of the goods when fitted. 

If the survey or installation cannot be carried out at the designated time and date booked and confirmed, due to the company’s inability to gain access to the property or the fitting area caused by customer oversight or failure to remove obstacles, for example but not limited to furniture, curtains, blinds or shutters other fixtures & fitting, telephone junction boxes etc., there will be a £150.00 fee for the rescheduling of the work. this will be booked at the earliest diary availability thereafter.

Payment of deposit confirms acceptance of our terms and conditions.

  • If the quoted order price increases after survey, we advise on the reasons and options, you can decide how you may wish to proceed. Any increase in value is applied to the final balance.
  • If the price reduces after survey, we will reduce the balance payment accordingly.
  • If for any reason you do not wish to proceed after survey, we will refund the deposit less the survey fee £175.00 + VAT (additional costs e.g. template creation for arched windows would be extra and subject to size).



If a referral has been made to a 3rd party provider for goods or services, the Company cannot accept any responsibility  for any claims against the goods or services supplied by that party and or any agreement or contract made.

Made to Measures Systems and variables:

Supply Only Warranty:

The Clearview warranty period begins from the date that we supply your order, this is not an insurance backed guarantee but it guarantees that the product as supplied to you is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of: 

  • 10 years – Aluminium Frames
  • 2 years – Moving parts (including but not limited to, locks, handles, rollers, hinges). Caulk and ancillary fillers/sealants.
  • 1 year – Spriral Spring Balances (Vertical Sliding systems)
  • 14-Days – Glass – subject to issue raised – see claims.
  • Blinds – 12 months


By proceeding with your purchase, you, the “Customer” have accepted the following Terms & Conditions, which are in addition to your statutory consumer rights, and specific to each individual purchase.


The Expression “the Company” shall mean Clearview Secondary Glazing (a division of Connection Products Ltd), its servants and agents. “the Customer” shall mean the person/s responsible for the provision of technical and specification information including purchase from the Company.  “the Goods” shall mean the products or services supplied or sold by or on behalf of the Company.


The Goods, are manufactured and supplied on the express understanding that the Customer has agreed to:

The Goods are being manufactured to the Customer’s specific & bespoke instructions. Therefore once approved, Returns are not possible, refunds are not an option.

Where the Goods are specifically the Secondary Glazing units, these will be supplied fully assembled unless both the unit width & height are greater than 1800mm and/or where Flat Pack is specified on the approved order documentation.

The Customer carries full responsibly to:

Check and ensure they understand the composition & specification of the Goods.

Check and ensure they understand the instructions & information required by the Company to enable the correct Goods to be supplied.

Check that the Goods being specified are within the minimum and maximum production limitations, this includes Frames, Glass, & style. 

If an order is cancelled following customer approval, whilst still in production, cancellation charges are applied, these charges will depend on the timing of the cancellation and the progression of the order and material processed at that time. This may result in no refund value being possible. These costs include, materials, administrative processing and any associated card fees.

Delivery date does not indicate product or component availability associated with a specific order.

Guides provided by the company to assist in the provision of information are applied and followed.

Telephone Communications, enquiries, messages, quotations etc. are only accepted or provided on the basis that it is the customers responsibility to ensure all details have been correctly interpreted and checked (numbers particularly can be said or written down incorrectly by either party). Where possible details should be confirmed in writing/email, by the customer.

The Customer is responsible for checking that all details and information provided to or from the Company are correct and have been correctly interpreted, for their intended use. They accept that the approval of the order is binding to the specification confirmed. This includes but not limited to the following:

All information is based on being taken from the inside of a building looking out.

Sizes are confirmed to be within the minimum and maximum manufacturing range prior to purchase.

Checking that Width & Height & Depth are correct and where required adjusted for tolerance, the company will not make any assumptions or tolerance adjustments to the information provided by the Customer, unless instructed to do so. Width measurements start from the left hand side looking out of the window.

NOTE: the width, height & depth details confirmed and approved are the largest dimensions of the unit including the sub-frame (subject to the manufacturing tolerance +/- 3mm):

The Timber Sub-Frame, This is a raw timber section, whilst primed, it is not designed to be on display, it may appear in a rough/marked/chipped/scuffed/ cracked or minor damaged finish with imperfections torn or scuffed wrapping, this is normal as it is designed to enable adjustments onsite and reduces primary frame damage & packaging during transportation and manual handling, it is designed to be hidden behind the finishing trim.  

If the sub-frame has been beveled or bespoke adjusted e.g. Angled to fit splayed reveals or Bays: A splayed reveal unit will be wider at the front (Nearest the internal room side) as it narrows to the back. An angled bay will be wider at the back, (window facing edge) as the units narrow at the front to form the adjoining angle of the bay. A specific degree of angle must be specified, this will be notified in the extras or miscellaneous items on the quotation, an illustration image will also be presented. If not present it will not be included. The size of the timber section may vary subject to the angle of the bevel cut required, this will not affect the build size of the unit, the Width (A) & Height (B) finished sizes will remain the same. (Note some surfaces of bespoke cut timbers may not be primed).

Adjustments to the sub-frame, including painting if deemed appropriate may be required onsite to ensure fit and an an acceptable  finished appearance.

Expectations: When the units arrive, please inspect them to ensure they are correct for your application, if we do not hear back from you within a period of 10-days we will assume they have been accepted:

  • Custom Timber Sub-Frames (e.g. bevelled) will not be pre-drilled. 
  • The frame can be out-of-of square as they are not a ridged structure until installed. The installation process will pull the unit back into square.
  • Panel operating buttons may be tight as the units will have moved in transit, so manipulation the panel to free up may be required.
  • The units can be a little dusty or conveyor marked, with small amounts of swarf  they are direct from the factory and it is standard practice that they will require a clean down following the installation process. So to improve efficiency and cost, the unit are cleaned to an expected level but based on the requirement of a final clean down on completion.
  • If a unit has been ordered in error by the customers oversight or specification inaccuracy, should a replacement unit be  purchased, we are unable to collect and dispose of the original.



Secondary Glazing, these are the adjustments in the sizes to ensure the Goods fit in situ, there is a production tolerance whereby the size of the Goods supplied may vary by +/- 3mm from the information acknowledged by the Company. The Company’s 10mm tolerance deduction recommendation is for guidance only and does not guarantee the Goods to fit, as this is subject to the specific shape of the area where the Goods are to be fitted. The approved unit build sizes confirmed are assumed to have the tolerance already applied and are the final supply sizes.

Blinds: Manufacturing tolerance can vary by +/- 5mm. The sizes confirmed and approved are based on the fitting location of the blind. If in-Reveal / aperture, the sizes confirmed are the aperture tight/actual sizes and the Company will apply a tolerance deduction appropriate for the blind type supplied. If outside the reveal the blinds will be to the sizes confirmed and approved. 

The Blind Automatic Sizing tool is for price estimation only, the Customer must check and ensure the approved size is correct for their application.

The goods will not be considered faulty or mis-described if the item supplied falls within our manufacturing tolerance criteria. 

Glass & Glazing Specification has been confirmed and complies with both maximum size limitations and building regulations. Clear Glass is supplied as standard unless specifically confirmed in the order documentation (obscure glass is supplied in a textured finish, unless otherwise advised). The Company shall not be deemed responsible for the replacement of any glass that when viewed from a distance of 2 meters with normal correct vision shows no abrasions or imperfections. Smashed or cracked glass – see claims.

Sliding panel sizes are correct, to match existing mullions & transoms – equally split or off centre and adjusted for tolerance. (These will be made equally split if not specified). (Vertical Sliders, centre bar deemed to have been measured top to centre)

Sliding Units – Horizontal sliders: Sliding left/right. Vertical sliders: Sliding Up/Down.

Hinge Units: Hinge position Left/Right/Top when viewed from inside looking out.

Insert Units: Total frame area is manufactured to the dimensions specified by the Customer. Tolerance adjustments to fit and for the inclusion of turnbuckles or micro hinges need to be applied where required by the Customer. Drill holes are to be applied by the customer/installer on site.

Face Fix or Reveal Fix (Face fixing directly to existing window or Reveal fixing to side walls & sill 90o to the primary window glass).
Unit Colour has been confirmed

Gasket: this refers to the rubber seal securing the glass into the frame, this is supplied in white as standard. Black can be requested at no extra cost, if preferred by the Customer or to better match the frame colour chosen by the Customer.

Finishing Trim supplied with the order is 20mm wide as standard, for the front face of the units only, it is over-sized to cover gaps in the reveal between the unit and wall, the customer needs to check that this will be appropriate for their application. Additional trim can be purchased as an extra at the time of order (e.g. Back trimming, side trimming for protruding installations), it is the customers responsibility to add this to the order if required. Trim is not supplied as a standalone item.

The customer accepts that there can be access restrictions and opening limitations to the primary windows following the installation of the secondary glazing units, this may also include, access to locks, handles and general window furniture. The customer needs to establish if the fitting of the units will impact on handles, stays, curtains, blinds, shutters etc, the Goods or existing items may require adjustment of replacement.

If there are any items, which are not clearly noted on the order confirmation, please contact us, it is the Customers responsibility to ensure these are included. (e.g. arched units, beveled timbers for splayed reveals or bays, extra trim, coupling bars etc.).

The Company does not provide the fixing materials as standard, i.e. Screws, caulk, mastic, adhesive, etc. Edging trim is provided 20mm x 6mm: white PVC as standard. coloured units supplied with a matching painted timber trim.

If in any doubt about your order details, please contact us.

The final order confirmation document confirms what Goods will be supplied, irrespective of any previously supplied information. If this acknowledgment matches the Goods supplied, but does not meet the Customers specified needs, the Company cannot accept responsibility for any corrective requirements or costs, the units cannot be returned for rectification. If the Goods supplied do not match the acknowledged details, within the tolerance parameters, it is the responsibility of the Company to resolve the issue.


The acknowledgment of payment does not constitute acceptance of order, until the Goods have been verified as acceptable for production and the delivery destination approved by the Company. Should the Company establish that the Goods are not suitable for manufacture using the information supplied by the Customer, or the delivery location is outside a feasible range, the Customer will be offered a full refund or the option to adjust the specification which may require an uplift in price.


Delivery does not form part of the contract. It is provided by a dedicated small vehicle fleet, it is not a customer service, it is arranged to ensure units arrive safely. Restrictions apply with this service the Customer accepts that.

  • The Company is unable to work with Customer specific delivery date or time requests. (Deliveries can arrive between 7am to 6pm)
  • A Chargeable delivery, covers logics and distance costs only and does not change the terms and conditions surrounding the delivery management and arrangements.
  • If the Unit Width & Height both exceed, 1800mm x 1800mm or larger it will supplied in flat pack kit form requiring assembly on site. This carries an additional charge as the unit has to be constructed for testing and deconstructed for shipping.
  • It is the Customers responsibility to notify the Company of any delivery restrictions or limitations prior to despatch. 
  • Irrespective of location any Re-deliveries caused by an initial delivery failure as a result of customer error or oversite and within the terms specified will be chargeable. 
  • Short notice delivery change requests, to an alternative location or alternative date will incur additional charges and potential delay for route planning management.
  • The company reserves the right to apply special carriage charges should product specification or location demand.
  • Any Delivery Charges, Destinations or Access Limitations are subject to approval by the company.  
  • Any time or cost quoted for delivery does not form part of the contract and can be subject to change.
  • The delivery address, contact details including telephone numbers have been checked by the customer and confirmed, where possible both a landline and mobile number needs to be provided.
  • Any delivery date provided by the Company is not a guaranteed arrival date. Where possible arrangements will be made to be as convenient for the Customer as possible, any arrangements made will not be guaranteed.
  • Fitting arrangement should not be booked on the anticipated date of arrival, as this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Deliveries are to Mainland UK destinations only, The Company does not schedule or arrange deliveries overseas. Deliveries can be made to most mainland UK Ports, in accordance with the general delivery terms. A Customer can then arrange their own onward shipping arrangements, this would include, but not limited to, their full responsibility with costs, packaging/packing/freight handling, labeling and any Customs requirements. This will also affect Claims & Product warranty, (see Claims & Guarantee details). VAT is applied as standard, in full and in accordance with HMRC regulations, it is the customers responsibility to make or arrange any reclaim or reduction should it be available to them. 
  • Some UK mainland locations do incur a delivery charge, or are deemed beyond our logistical capable range. The Customer must check Postcode locations/limitation prior to purchase. 
  • The Goods are delivered to kerbside only, it is the Customers responsibility to handle the Goods beyond the threshold of the building.
  • The Goods can be heavy, it may be required for the Customer to assist with unloading. It is the Customers responsibility to ensure they have arranged assistance in handling the goods post-delivery. If the Customer is elderly or not in good health and could not assist in this process, it is their responsibility to ensure assistance has been arranged and they have notified the Company in advance of their circumstances.
  • If the customer transports the unit/s to another geographical location from the original drop site, claims for damages cannot be accepted, 
  • Should a Delivery have to be aborted on the day of delivery due to the customers inability to accept the shipment as planned, rearranged delivery charges will be applied.
  • If the Customer requests an alternative delivery date to the one confirmed, an alternative date will be offered and will be subject to the next available journey to the Customers area, this will normally be the following week, but is subject to logistics and planning at the time. We are unable to accept a specific date or time requests. Postponements will be subject to storage charge and/or a delivery fee.



  • Clearview blinds are supplied as a separate and unrelated product to the secondary glazing systems. They will be shipped separately, and delivery methods and times will have been confirmed at the time of order. Any claims or issues related to the goods will be treated independently of the total order
  • Products may vary slightly from their pictures. The images of the products on our website are for illustrative purposes only. Although we have made every effort to display the colours accurately, we cannot guarantee that a device’s display of the colours accurately reflects the colour of the products. Your product may vary slightly from those images.
  • Free samples are available. We recommend that before you purchase any of our products you use the free sample service available on our website (Sample Service)taking note of the following:
    • the Sample Service should be used even if you are making a repeat order as colours can vary from batch to batch;
    • a sample may not show the full range of the pattern or colour. If you have any concerns about this please contact us;
    • suppliers may change names and colour references from time to time;
    • you are entitled to up to 8 free samples under our Sample Service. Should you require anymore we would advise you to call our customer service department.



All claims will be viewed in accordance with the terms and conditions as notified. Where possible delivery damages should be notified on receipt of Goods or refusal to accept the damaged Goods. No claims on account of damage, error or shortage will be considered unless notified within 10 days from receipt of delivery. If the units are installed, they will be deemed as being accepted by the client and considered fit for purpose, retrospective claims will not be accepted in these cases. The company shall not be deemed responsible for the replacement of any glass that when viewed from a distance of 2 meters with normal correct vision shows no surface abrasions or imperfections. Smashed or cracked Glass: We only supply Toughened or Laminated Glass. Any faults within the glass structure will normally cause failure with minimal flexing or movement, therefore we expect that the manual handling of the glass from manufacture, unit conversion and distribution, will stress the glass to  the extent where any faults or flaws will become apparent before or by the point of delivery. Failure thereafter can only be considered as handling or interaction with circumstances outside its structural capability.

The timber sub-frame does not form part of the finished appearance of the installed units when trimmed, its pre installation appearance/ condition is not accepted as damaged unless significant and sufficient evidence is provided at the point of delivery.  Returns or refunds are not applicable to this product offer. Claims will not be accepted beyond the limitations of the UK mainland delivery destination point where the responsibility of the product condition ends. 

Note: if the unit/s are transported to another geographical location from the original drop site, claims for damages cannot be accepted, 

We cannot accept claims for issues or impact of the secondary glazing in relation to the primary window or building structure, this includes, but not limited to, window furniture, locks, handles, openings, curtains, blinds, shutters. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the units and or installation meet any required building or conservation regulations or restrictions. No Claims can be accepted for units installed to any external applications.

No claims will be accepted for any consequential loss in relation to installation or delay in the supply of the goods or services, including but not limited to defective, damaged goods, errors or omissions, or for anything not supplied directly by the company or its nominated agents.

Should a legitimate claim arise, the customer will be requested to provide photographic evidence to support the claim. Where agreed by the Company the unit/s will be collected for inspection and if appropriate corrective action taken and the units returned in good order. This will be carried out promptly in a fair and reasonable format and timings within the logistical capability of the company. Refunds or Compensation payments are not an option. Please refer to our Returns & Rectifications Policy. It is important to note the Company do not have a service callout option, any onsite rectification or repair work needs to be a carried out by the customer or their chosen representative, the Company will provide guidance and support materials as appropriate at distance by phone, email or online.

Sound proofing performance: the degree of sound reduction and performance expectation can be subjective to each individual and other limiting factors in a given property. Performance details supplied by the Company are for illustration purposes only based on certified test conditions and may vary subject to site specific conditions. Units must be correctly installed and perimeter sealed, panels fitted correctly and appropriately interlocking, the primary window needs to be in good condition with any air ingress sealed. Other acoustic or thermal performance weak-spots outside the parameter of the window cannot be accepted as product failure or our responsibility for management or identification.

If the customers has shipped the units overseas, we are unable to offer a service call work or arrange collections of any sorts, the customer must make any return of the units back to the mainland for any rectification options to be considered. The supply of parts may be possible this will be subject to the component required and shipping costs would be chargeable. Glass would not be available to ship. Once the units have been delivered/accepted by the UK mainland designated address or freight forwarder, we are unable to accept any responsibility for damages thereafter. 

Observations & Claims:

CLAIMS: In the first instance any claims should be submitted by email describing the issue to [email protected] and where possible include photos of the issue being described. Note: if the unit/s are transported to another to another geographical location from the original drop site, claims for damages will not be accepted, 

Clearview systems are designed specifically for internal applications where they are not exposed to the elements.

If fitted externally, no claims can be accepted against warranties, guarantees or performance or any consequential aspects related to the installation.

With supply only orders or any services or goods not provided directly by the company or its nominated agents no claims will be accepted for any consequential loss in relation to installation or delay in the supply of the goods or services, including but not limited to defective, damaged errors or omissions.

If an issue is found but installation continues regardless and the issue reported thereafter, subject to circumstances the customer must be prepared to uninstall the system to enable collection and rectification.

Glass breakage or damage cannot be accepted as a product fault if this is reported outside the maximum glass 10-day warranty period.


Any guarantees offered by the Company are not insurance backed and are submitted in writing they are limited only to the goods and services supplied directly by the Company or its nominated agents, to UK mainland locations only. Guarantees are extended only where reasonable fault can be identified caused by inferior manufacture or workmanship. Service call requests are by special arrangement only following a full evaluation investigation at distance of the circumstances and limited by property location.  If an issue identified is not the fault of the Goods or the Company, a service call charge will apply. the Guarantee is applicable to:

  • 10 years – Aluminium Frames
  • 2 years – Moving parts (including but not limited to springs, locks, handles, rollers, hinges). Caulk and ancillary fillers/sealants.
  • 10 Days Glass: subject to specific issue raised – see claims.
  • 12-months – Blinds


Please see our Product Guarantee

The product guarantee and warranty is not transferable and does not extend beyond the limits of the UK mainland, any product forward shipped overseas is not covered by this guarantee and is purchased at the customers own risk. Should any fault be be caused by misuse or improper operational handling, any rectifications are chargeable.   

The Company reserves the right to alter, improve or withdraw products as and when required and cannot be held liable for any discrepancies E&OE. All products are outsourced or sub-contract manufactured from approved and verified sources.

If in any doubt about your order details, please contact us.


We advise all our customers to download and read our operation and maintenance manual

The maximum lifting weight advised for one person, considered of average build and strength is 25kgs. If in any doubt ask someone for assistance to share the load, particularly if you are in a higher risk group e.g. Elderly, Disabled, Pregnant, for further advise please refer to: HSE Government recommendations   

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