Returns & Rectifications

Clearview Secondary Glazing Supply Only systems & blinds are bespoke built to our client’s instruction, we have numerous guides and technical support to ensure every aspect is understood checked and approved prior to production. However, due to this there are elements of risk and it is reliant on the client to ensure they fully understand the components & construction of the systems.

Errors caused by customer inaccuracy or misunderstanding, The units cannot be returned as (a) we do not have the ability or resource to find an alternative outlet or storage for them. (b) the logistics involved in collecting returning for disassembly for some reuse of some components would not be commercially viable. Subject to the specific problem, if we can identify a rectification option at a lesser cost than a full  remake, this will be offered.

Once a specification is confirmed, the client will get a final opportunity to check and verify or decline production normally within 48 working hours of purchase.

Once approved, if the units supplied reflect the details approved by the client, we are unable to accept any responsibility or costs associated with any rectification. Units cannot be returned or refunded.

The client can attempt to adjust the unit or site to adapt an installation, this may invalidate any warranty. If the unit cannot be adapted to fit and a remake is required, this would-be at the client’s cost.

We recommend assessing the installation instructions as units can often look distorted on receipt but will be corrected by the fitting process and should not immediately assumed as faulty.

In the unlikely event the unit arrives and does not reflect the approved documentation, we request that evidence of the issue is submitted within 10 days of receipt of the units, including photographs and an explanation in writing (email). Once the details are received, they will be promptly assessed and where appropriate a rectification action plan applied.  This may require the collection of the affected item or provision of parts to site, this will be expedited as promptly as possible. Refund is not an option and we will ensure the appropriate action is taken to ensure the goods are fit for purpose.

It is important to note we do not have a service callout option any onsite rectification or repair work needs to be a carried out by the customer or their chosen representative where we will provide guidance and support materials as appropriate by phone, email or online.

The Company does not schedule or arrange collections from overseas. If the customers has shipped the units overseas, we are unable to offer a service call work or arrange collections of any sorts, the customer must make any return of the units back to the mainland for any rectification options to be considered. The supply of parts may be possible this will be subject to the component required and shipping costs would be chargeable. Glass would not be available to ship. Once the units have been delivered/accepted by the UK mainland designated address or freight forwarder, we are unable to accept any responsibility for damages thereafter. 

For full details, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

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