Delivery Lead-times

Standard Product: approx. 4-weeks from order approval.

Arched, special colours, complex designs can take longer and advised on application.

These details are best estimates and we will do all we can to speed the supply of the systems

As the materials supply is constantly changing, we are constantly monitoring and updating our lead-time expectations, this means some of our documentation may be out of date, so the above is the current and latest position.

Production Planning

Clearview Secondary Glazing systems are bespoke built to order. Glass is specifically created for each unit, this requires a purpose build manufacturing process and is reliant on material supplies from a variety of sources. 

As you may be are aware there are many challenges facing industry at present with materials supply shortages and distribution chain delays, these are impacting on our lead-times and ability to promptly notify customers of their delivery scheduling. Supply is assured but We are avoiding offering despatch predications as the volatility of the supply chains is such that until we are in receipt of the material to complete the construction of the units estimating dates is too unreliable.

Therefore, once ordered, you will receive order confirmation and payment receipt details, there will then be a period of quiet as we pull the materials for your units together, once these are fully verified and production completion planning confirmed, we will start to notify you of delivery scheduling. We appreciate this can cause some concerns and frustration, but we will keep you updated as promptly as the process allows, we also very much appreciate your patience and understanding during this period.

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