25% Off DIY Secondary Glazing – Limited Time Only


Unprecedented times require unprecedented measures. We had hoped it would have been possible to maintain production and continue to supply product during this very difficult period, however, we have reviewed the situation and in line with Government direction and staff safety, we have decided to suspend manufacture and delivery until further notice. We all hope this will be a limited period and we can look forward to fulfilling orders again in a few weeks.

In support of our business and to reduce any grants or external funding sources we would like to offer an opportunity for customers to pre-purchase our systems at an exceptionally discounted rate and to be in line for priority processing and delivery as soon as production resumes. This will beat demand and enable the insulation of your home in plenty of time for the colder months or allow you to enjoy the soundproofing you’ve been planning.

We will not be able to hold this offer for long so now’s the chance to get the systems at the lowest cost we have ever presented, helping us to help you.

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Clearview secondary glazing - the solution to significantly improved acoustic and heat insulation to your property, making your home or offices more comfortable, secure, greener and cost efficient to run. Achieved without the disruption of replacement windows, and without damaging the character of your building.

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