Create a Comfortable Home-Working Environment with Secondary Glazing

Create a Comfortable Home-Working Environment with Secondary Glazing

Working from home has shot up in popularity in 2020. For the most part, that’s down to necessity, with many businesses operating remotely to continue work through lockdown. However, as lockdown measures are lifted, it seems like remote working could be here to stay.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to create a comfortable working environment at home. In this post, we’ll explore how secondary glazing can help you do exactly that.

The rise of remote working

While remote working has been steadily on the up for the past decade or so, there’s no denying its notable rise in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. By April – when the number of new UK cases hit its peak – research found that a massive 60% of the adult population was working from home.

While this was clearly down to necessity, it allowed both employees and employers to discover the benefits of working from home. Employees no longer had to commute to and from the office, saving them time and money as well as cutting their carbon footprint.

That extra time has provided a better work-life balance, complemented in many cases by a more flexible approach to working hours that allows people to balance other commitments like childcare.

From an employer’s perspective, there was a rise in productivity in most cases. With home-working removing the constant distractions of the office, 75% of workers said they got more done. That’s paired with reduced costs if it’s taken up permanently, with the need for office space reduced or even eliminated.

Here to stay

With all the benefits discussed above, it’s no surprise that many employers and employees are happy to continue with remote working. Some employers are letting staff work from home until the crisis is completely over, while others are considering it on a more permanent basis.

Likewise, there will be variation in how it’s used. A third of employees surveyed by O2 said they expected to work from home for three days a week or more, while 81% anticipate at least one day a week working remotely. Whatever the case, it seems working from home is here to stay in some form.

Creating a comfortable home office

While there are clearly several benefits to working from home, the main hurdle for many employees has been creating a comfortable, peaceful and productive working environment within their own home.

By now, most people have found a space to work, whether that’s converting the spare room into a home office or setting up shop at the dining table. However, there are still a few hurdles remaining to make that space suitable for home working going forward.

Reducing noise

The first challenge is noise. Many people don’t notice the noise around their home on a day-to-day basis because it’s drowned out by the sound of the TV, for instance. When you switch everything off and try to focus for work, it soon becomes apparent.

Whether it’s traffic, neighbours or just people passing by, the constant noise from outside your home can make it nigh-on impossible to concentrate.

Fortunately, secondary glazing offers a solution. The secondary panel leaves a slightly wider gap than double or triple glazing, which is more effective at dissipating sound waves. In simple terms, that allows secondary glazing to reduce the amount of noise entering a room by up to 80%.

This can also help people who have developed sleeping problems during the pandemic. Some have struggled to sleep because of anxiety caused by the ongoing uncertainty. Others simply can’t sleep because of a disruption to their normal daily routine. Without their usual trips to the shops, gym or wherever else, they don’t feel tired enough to get to sleep.

Needless to say, constant noise doesn’t help this. Secondary glazing can eliminate that problem, providing more peaceful nights that make it easier to sleep.

Staying warm

The second issue with working from home is staying warm. We’re all familiar with popping the heating on in the morning and evening. In Britain, where temperatures rarely venture above 20, that can continue well into spring and even through summer.

Working from home, many of us have realised that our houses are just as cold throughout the day. Sitting in the cold is hardly the ideal environment for productivity. But at the same time, leaving the heating on 9-5 is definitely going to hit you hard when you get your energy bill.

The solution? Insulate your home. By keeping heat in, you can maintain a comfortable environment without having to turn the heating on as much, as high or even at all. As part of your home’s thermal envelope – along with the doors, walls and roof – your windows are key to this.

By adding a fully sealed panel on the internal recess of your existing windows, secondary glazing creates an additional barrier that keeps a lot more heat in your home. So much so, that secondary glazing can improve thermal efficiency by as much as 60-70%.

Benefits for work and beyond

A peaceful environment at a comfortable temperature goes hand in hand with happy, productive work. Even better, these benefits will make your home more comfortable before and after you’ve clocked in and out for the day.

Well insulated windows could lower your energy bills all year round, with less need to crank up the heating in the evenings as well as working hours. Likewise, better sound insulation can provide a more peaceful environment around the clock.

Add to that the increased security from secondary glazing and reduced condensation on your windows, and you can see why secondary glazing is such a popular option for homes – and home-offices – across the UK.

Make working from home more enjoyable

Ready to make your home-working setup warmer, quieter and more productive? Get in touch with the team at Clearview. We provide secondary glazing installation throughout Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, with DIY secondary glazing kits available across the UK.

Our discreet, high-quality panels can transform your home and home-office without compromising on style.


Clearview secondary glazing - the solution to significantly improved acoustic and heat insulation to your property, making your home or offices more comfortable, secure, greener and cost efficient to run. Achieved without the disruption of replacement windows, and without damaging the character of your building.

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