Noise Reduction Case Study

When it comes to noise reduction secondary glazing is credited for being THE most effective solution. With the right specification of secondary glazing and acoustic glass, a reduction in excess of 50 decibels can be achieved, which can be 5 x times that of double or triple glazing (that’s equivalent of halving the noise entering a room). 

We recently visited customer Emilie Scholey to install secondary glazing in her home. Living on a busy main road she noticed that the front of the house was noisy. The main issue was in the bedroom where passing traffic was starting to disturb her sleep. She spoke to a friend who had already used our services and thought that secondary glazing could be the answer to her problems too. 

We decided to use Emilies’s story as a case study to help others:

Emilie’s Story 

We bought the property in 2010, and we moved in August 2010, and it was derelict so at first, we just took at back to its bare basics. We’ve love the original features of the house and decided to retain as much of these as we could including the sash windows. Originally, we were based in the back of the house, but we’ve got twin boys so we’ve moved bedrooms recently. We’re now at the front and we’ve realised that there’s a little bit of noise in the front of the house. It’s night times really, for us that we hear it more. As we live on a main road the passing traffic often keeps us awake. It’s obviously really important that we get a good night’s sleep, and these windows’ll hopefully help with that.

A friends of ours told us about Clearview and that they’d had secondary glazing fitted at their property. They also lived in quite a noisy area, and it just been perfect to them. We looked on the website and we could see the difference that the product made with one of the videos that we saw. At first we were quite concerned about the appearance of the windows. The friends who’d had it done said that it looked fine and they were really impressed with the finished article, so we were like, “Okay, well let’s see.” And in the end we decided to go for something that was really light and would look fine within the room itself and not look out of place. It was really important to us that the secondary glazing didn’t distract from the original features of the bedroom.

The install of the secondary glazing has been very speedy. Clearview very professional, which is important to me. They cleaned up after themselves, which is great. From start to finish there’s been lots of communication, which is really important. Craig and Mark showed me how to use the window, which again, I expected to be quite difficult to use, but now I know how to do it, it seems quite simple, actually.

I’m stood here now, and we still can’t hear any noise from the outside world, which is just what you want in your bedroom. So if any of my friends having issues with noise, then I would highly recommend Clearview. We’ve not heard anything all morning. It’s been very quiet. We’ve just let them get on with the upstairs and they’ve been fantastic. We are really, really pleased.


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