Case studies: Secondary Glazing and Thermal Performance


Read some of our thermal case studies and find out how Clearview secondary glazing customers are benefiting from improved thermal performance in properties across the UK. 

Draught problem eliminated at a Grade 1 listed family home 

Client: The Sitwell family

Property type: Stately Home

The project purpose: Renishaw Hall is a beautiful 17th Century Grade I Listed building. Clearview fitted secondary glazing to the family’s private quarters, some of the units with a dark wood coloured frame to match to historic woodwork. As the building is Grade I Listed, secondary glazing was the best choice, because it’s discreet and the most cost effective way of insulating a room.

Client feedback: Alexander Sitwell says: “The study, stairs and hall were very draughty and cold last winter, so we looked into secondary glazing. It really has worked, and we’re now much warmer.”

No more draughts in just 10 days

Client: Joy & Stuart

Property type: Edwardian house

The project purpose: This customer’s 6 bedroom house was built in 1902. Over 21 years the owners have replaced the single-glazed windows with replica doubleglazed ones, but had no idea what to do with the very draughty leaded window on their staircase, covering 3 floors of their house.

Client feedback: Joy said: “The staircase window is beautiful, but it let in draughts – which we really noticed in winter. The window is 12ft high by 5ft wide, and close to the stairs, making fitting a complicated job. The fitting was done in 3 stages, with a section of secondary glazing for each floor. “It really was a quick and efficient job. Ten days after measuring, the secondary glazing was ready to fit. It only took 4 hours to install, and there was no mess or damage to our decor.”

Living with period windows no longer means compromise

Client: John and Julie Burnham

Property type: Pre-Georgian house

The project purpose: John and Julie Burnham live in a beautiful old property, parts of which date back to the 17th Century. They love their old home and it’s period features, but didn’t like the cold that the original window let into the rooms.

Client feedback: Julie Burnham said: “We noticed how cold the stairs were when we first moved in…last winter freezing temperatures made it unbearable. We decided on secondary glazing. The secondary glazing has made our staircase much warmer…easy to open and clean.”

A noticeably warmer home

Client: Mr & Mrs Lindsay

Property type: Edwardian house

The project purpose: The Lindsay’s home is on the edge of a conservation area, and the couple didn’t want to lose the intricate design on the feature bay window of their home.

Client feedback: Mrs Lindsay said: “We really liked the look of our windows, and didn’t want to replace them with wooden replicas. There was nothing wrong with the glass or woodwork, the problem was the draughty single glazing. Our living room is much warmer since Clearview did their work. We can now sit in a chair close to the bay without being frozen.”

Secondary glazing paid for itself at this Edwardian church

Client: Rawmarsh Methodist Church

Property type: Edwardian church

The project purpose: The church’s centre development manager looked into secondary glazing for warmth and to reduce street noise.

Client feedback: Caroline Langston said: “Before we installed secondary glazing the room was 45º Fahrenheit. It has since risen by 10º to 55º. This is before we put the heating on. Our energy bills are high because of the size of the building, so the cost of the secondary glazing will be paid for very quickly by cutting fuel costs. Clearview were brilliant to deal with, and we are very happy with their work.”

Energy efficiency & reduced bills without compromise 

Client: Sheffield homeowners

Property type: 1920s house

The project purpose: This client’s house is in a conservation area, where strict regulations about changing windows had to be observed. In all, eleven windows were secondary glazed, including a 12ft high stained-glass window on the staircase.

Client feedback: The owner said: “My exterior windows have a metal casement, and were fitted in the 1920s. My annual gas bills were predicted to be £1,200, I knew I had to do something about the energy efficiency of my windows. I didn’t want to change the exterior look of my home”.


Clearview secondary glazing - the solution to significantly improved acoustic and heat insulation to your property, making your home or offices more comfortable, secure, greener and cost efficient to run. Achieved without the disruption of replacement windows, and without damaging the character of your building.

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