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Clearview fitted secondary glazing at the Edwardian home of Jon Mawson and Jo Clarke, in Ranmoor.

The windows featured here are at Jon Mawson and Jo Clarke’s four- bedroomed home in the Ranmoor conservation area. At the front of the property (built in 1907, during the reign of Edward VII) are stone-mullioned windows that still have the original leaded, stained glass.

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The windows were lovely to look at, but draughty – yet strict planning regulations in this area of Sheffield meant their appearance could not be tampered with.

Clearview solved the draught problem, and kept the planning inspectors happy, by fitting internal secondary glazing that blended with the colour of the stone.They also attached their glazing to a large, sliding-sash window in the lounge. Both jobs he were completed in less than a day, and there was no need for re-decorating.

Replacement of frames is not the best idea, as the timber used in Victorian/Edwardian windows is usually far superior to wood that of today. In many cases the wood has lasted well over 100 years, and with a little attention will last another century.

Clearview’s secondary glazing that is so well designed and installed that it is invisible from the outside, and can hardly be noticed inside.

Says Jon: “The result is a perfect blend with the original windows.We have noticed that the rooms are much warmer, and there is less noise from outside”.

Insulation for period property

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