Is magnetic Secondary Glazing any good?

Is magnetic Secondary Glazing any good?

How does magnetic secondary glazing compare?

When upgrading your home, you should always consider long term benefits. As homeowners increasingly seek ways to enhance their home’s energy efficiency, secondary glazing emerges as a popular solution. Combining this with the current cost of living crisis, many are turning to plastic and magnetic secondary glazing as seemingly cost-effective alternatives. 

At Clearview, we’re naturally big fans of secondary glazing. We love DIY options and want to see how these ones hold up to our standards. Read on to find out about the pros and cons of doing it yourself on a budget.

Will magnetic secondary glazing save me money?

Initially, budget secondary glazing, especially using plastic and magnetic materials, appears more affordable. By using these cheaper materials, magnetic secondary glazing lacks the durability and efficiency of traditional glass secondary glazing

The magnetic strips are fairly weak, meaning that on cold or windy days you might see the perspex peeling away from the window. This results in frequent replacements over time which gradually build up and become very expensive. It is definitely not a long term solution

Clearview’s secondary glazing is engineered for maximum efficiency, meeting stringent standards and contributing to significant energy savings. By choosing Clearview, you can enhance your home’s comfort while reducing energy bills and improving your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating.

Is magnetic secondary glazing easy to install? 

The installation of budget secondary glazing can be relatively simple and straightforward. Plastic and perspex tend to be the easiest, and can even be attempted by novices.

One of the most popular budget options is magnetic secondary glazing which typically arrives in a one size fits all sheet. This means that you often can’t get the level of customisation that you require for complex, awkward or large windows. This means that budget options lack the customisation and functionality of traditional aluminium secondary glazing.

For an experienced DIYer, it’s just as easy to install the real McCoy. At Clearview, you have the freedom to install our secondary glazing yourself. If you aren’t certain about how to do it, you can either follow our installation guide or arrange for a local installer. 

How effective are budget secondary glazing options? 

While options such as plastic and magnetic are relatively easy to install, they are significantly less effective at improving the insulation and providing the noise reduction offered by traditional secondary glazing. 

Traditional secondary glazing fits behind your existing frames and creates a cavity filled with air. This cavity typically reduces heat loss by up to 70%, whereas magnetic secondary glazing only achieves up to 30%. The superior U-Value of Clearview’s glazing range, at 1.4w/m2k, indicates better insulation, requiring 40% less energy to keep homes warm. The airtight seal of traditional glazing traps heat more effectively and also provides better noise insulation, especially beneficial in busy areas. 

Additionally, magnetic secondary glazing consists of two panes of glass held together with a magnetic seal. This often fails to create an effective air gap which then results in subpar performances in soundproofing, with an approximate 10 decibel reduction. By contrast, secondary achieves over 50 decibels of noise reduction on average.

How safe are budget secondary glazing options? 

Safety is a critical aspect where plastic and magnetic secondary glazing often cannot compete. Clearview’s secondary glazing products comply with rigorous safety standards and undergo thorough quality assurance testing. Budget alternatives, lacking these stringent evaluations, might not provide the same level of safety and security.

Budget options are only slighter tougher and more resilient than your primary windows. This means that intruders would require only a few seconds more on average to break in. 

Traditional secondary glazing offers a significant advantage for security. By having an additional layer of toughened glass and durable aluminium frames, the attempted intruder will often struggle to get through. If you consider that most thieves attempt to be in and out within 10 minutes, this can be a massive deterrent. 

For the best results choose Clearview

While plastic and magnetic secondary glazing can be appealing as short-term, low-cost solutions, it’s crucial to consider the long-term implications, including potential safety risks and higher overall expenses. 

Clearview offers a range of Secondary Glazing options for those seeking effective, long-term solutions to reduce heating bills and improve home insulation. Our products are designed to reduce noise, improve thermal efficiency, and increase security. Magnetic secondary glazing might be a cheaper option, but it cannot provide the same long-term benefits as our solutions. 

Speak to our experts now to explore our options and find the best long-term solution for your needs.


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