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In the evolving landscape of home improvement and commercial building upgrades, traders are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions that not only offer a competitive edge but also deliver tangible benefits to their customers. One such solution is secondary glazing. 

Designed for both homes and commercial establishments, secondary glazing stands out as a prime option for making spaces more comfortable, secure, thermally efficient, and cost-effective. If you haven’t already added secondary glazing to your trade repertoire, let us show you what you’re missing out on.

Simplified Installation Process

From a logistical standpoint, Clearview simplifies the installation process for trade customers. The units are custom-made and come fully assembled, complete with a pre-fitted timber sub-frame. This eliminates the need for additional timber grounds and pre-drilled holes, making the units installation-ready. The inclusion of finishing trims also means that there’s no requirement for post-decorative work, streamlining the fitting process and reducing labour costs. Notably, the design of these units requires no pre-preparation on existing primary windows, allowing for a swift and efficient installation process that can be undertaken in any weather condition and at any time of year, thanks to the indoor nature of the installation work.

Enhanced Thermal Efficiency

A compelling aspect of Clearview secondary glazing is its remarkable impact on thermal efficiency. With energy costs on the rise, thermal efficiency has become a critical concern for property owners. Clearview’s systems are engineered to significantly improve the thermal comfort of buildings while simultaneously reducing energy bills. By installing Clearview secondary glazing you achieve a thermal efficiency saving of 60-70% is achievable. This level of performance not only enhances the living or working environment but also offers a rapid return on investment through lower energy expenses.

Superior Acoustic Performance

The acoustic performance of Clearview secondary glazing is another key feature that sets it apart. It is highly effective at mitigating external noise pollution from traffic, aircraft, and urban activities, making it an ideal solution for properties in noisy environments. Its effectiveness is such that it is specified for use in recording studios and music venues, underscoring its ability to create serene and quiet interiors. This acoustic insulation complements its thermal benefits, offering a dual advantage that is highly appealing to end-users.

Improved Security Features

Furthermore, Clearview secondary glazing enhances the security of a property. It introduces an additional barrier that potential intruders must overcome, significantly improving the building’s overall security posture. This feature is particularly valuable in urban settings where window security can be a primary concern for homeowners and businesses alike.

Regulatory Compliance and Versatility

Secondary glazing is also notable for its versatility and regulatory compliance. It is approved for installation in Grade I & II listed buildings and conservation areas, marking it as the go-to choice for projects where preserving the architectural integrity is paramount. Additionally, its endorsement by the National Trust further cements its reputation as a trusted solution for enhancing building performance without compromising on aesthetics.

Reduction of Condensation

Lastly, secondary glazing address the issue of condensation, a common problem in many buildings. By sealing the gap more tightly than traditional solutions, it significantly reduces or eliminates condensation, contributing to a healthier indoor environment and preventing damage to window frames and sills.

In summary, Clearview secondary glazing offers a multitude of benefits that make it an attractive proposition for trade customers. Its ease of installation, energy efficiency, acoustic performance, enhanced security, and condensation reduction capabilities make it a comprehensive solution for improving the performance and comfort of any building. By offering Clearview secondary glazing, traders can not only meet the diverse needs of their customers but also position themselves as providers of cutting-edge, sustainable building solutions.


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