Improving the Energy Efficiency of Existing Windows


Energy efficient windows have a range of benefits for properties both big and small. They keep the cold out in winter, reduce condensation build up and give your property much better noise insulation. The problem for some, however, is the cost. Installing new, efficient windows can set you back quite a way financially.

As a result, some homeowners and landlords leave their windows as they are, letting the cold in and causing energy bills to rise. A false economy, and one that can easily be avoided. There are several ways to renovate your windows and improve their energy efficiency without the need for replacement:

1. DIY draught proofing

The simplest way to give windows an energy efficiency boost is with weather strips. They’re a cheap and efficient way of sealing windows. Apply them around the edges of the window to keep out cold air, as well as rain, snow and dirt. However, there are a few different types of weather strips, and it’s important to choose the right kind for your window.

If you’re lucky enough to have wooden windows, nail-on weather strips are the best option. However, for metal or PVC windows, self-adhesive strips are your only choice. Vinyl V-Strips and foam tape generally don’t fare well in the long run, so it’s best to go for EPDM rubber strips.

2. The importance of curtains

Another option if you’re looking for DIY energy efficiency is a good pair of curtains. They’re not just for show. While a lot of homeowners see them as an accessory to dress the window, they can also provide an extra layer of insulation for windows both old and new. Some curtains even come with a thermal lining to keep your home extra warm.

Window shutters are a similar – but more expensive – option to provide extra insulation for your windows. Traditionally made from wood, shutters can be added to the inside or outside of windows and make it even harder for air to get through.

3. Get in the professionals

While some renovation jobs are potential DIY tasks, others are strictly for the professionals. One of those is restoring your window frames. Damage to window frames can seriously impair their energy efficiency. Cracks and gaps appear over time and allow air to pass through the window – no matter how efficient it was when installed.

The good news for wooden windows is that they can be restored without too much hassle. While PVC windows may need full sections replacing, cracks or decay on wooden windows can be isolated and restored. This option will require professional work, but will still be significantly cheaper than full window replacement.

4. Glass renovation

We can’t discuss window efficiency without mentioning glass. It makes up the bulk of any window and, of course, it has an impact on their energy efficiency. Double glazing is the most common choice to improve the energy efficiency of existing windows. A thin gap separates the two panes of glass, creating an extra layer of insulation and protecting the inner pane from cold external air.

It’s not the only option though. You can also add window film. This thin and transparent polymer laminate can be applied internally or externally to improve any window’s insulation quality. Even better, you can do it yourself with a bit of care.

Secondary glazing is another alternative, which works by adding another slimline window on the inside of your existing windows. It’s an approved option for listed buildings, where double glazing is often not permitted. Like window film, it can be purchased as a DIY kit.

5. Clearview Secondary Glazing

At Clearview, we offer a variety of secondary glazing solutions. Our secondary glazing installation services and DIY kits give your windows added energy efficiency without any hassle. You get better insulation and a warmer home, without the extra cost on your energy bills. Want to find out more? Fill in our Fast Quote form to see what we can do for you.

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