4 Ways to Keep the Heating off for Longer


When temperatures begin to fall, our minds immediately turn to the heating. An nPower survey found that the last weekend of October is the so-called ‘Big Switch On’, when most families finally give in and turn on the heating. But can you hold off for longer?

With the average energy bill predicted to increase by at least 10% before next winter, each day without heating can provide a significant saving. So, here are four ways to keep yourself warm and keep the heating off for longer.

1. Layers, layers, layers

 If you’re feeling the chill as you enter the colder months, layers are a simple and effective solution. Rather than putting on the heating, simply take your parents’ advice and pop on a jumper.

Another option is blankets and cosy throws – ideal if you want to add some country-chic style to your home and keep yourself warm at the same time. Make sure there is one on hand before you get comfy in front of the TV.

2. Get curtains – and use them 

Layers aren’t just effective for you – they’re also a good addition to your windows. Keep natural heat in your home and you can probably last an extra few weeks without the heating. Thermal curtains are even better, as they are lined to keep heat in – and keep the cold out. But, most importantly, make sure you use them. Draw the curtains as soon as the evening comes, and you’ll find your home is nice and cosy despite the cold breeze outside. 

3. Keep the inside doors open

Contrary to widespread belief, leaving inside doors open when you’re running a bath or cooking can help circulate warm air. Many people are missing out on a good trick and forget to open their kitchen door.

At night we still recommend keeping your doors shut to prevent those pesky draughts. However, if the chilly air gets too much there’s a better solution to your heating needs…

4. Secondary glazing

Another great way to put off the need for heating is to improve your home’s insulation. Drafts from your windows will have you cranking on the radiators in no time, so why not cut them out.

Secondary glazing offers significant draught reduction, which can give your home that much-needed insulation boost. It’s a more environmentally friendly alternative to double glazing and can reduce noise pollution too. Even better, secondary glazing can be quickly installed in all weathers. So, you don’t have to wait until summer to act.

5. Winter warmers

There are a number of alternatives to turning on the heating at the first sign of winter. Have you successfully used any other tricks? we’d love to hear from you – let us know in the comments section.

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