Eliminate Your Noise Problem: How to Effectively Soundproof Your Home


How to Effectively Soundproof Your Home Windows

Unwanted noise can be a big problem in a home or commercial property if it is not dealt with accordingly. It’s not ideal to live with or work in building with excessive noise from the world outside. It can be hard to relax if you can still hear traffic, neighbours, planes and the hustle and bustle of life. But, unfortunately, this problem is extremely common in period properties or properties that only have the original single glazing still installed, especially those in towns and cities.

A noise problem can have a negative impact on how you live and work; not only is it distracting but it can also cause stress and reduce the enjoyment you get out of being in the property. Luckily, there are ways to combat this problem: soundproofing.

How to Soundproof Your Windows

Soundproofing windows is a great way to eliminate your noise problem. If you have single glazed windows and live in a noisy area or have a period property with the original windows still in place, the chances are you can hear excessive noise that you’d rather do without. There are a few different ways to soundproof windows, here are some of the most effective:

Carpets and Rugs

Surprisingly, adding a carpet or rug to the room you want to soundproof can go some way to reducing the amount of noise. Carpets and rugs absorb sound waves and can help to eliminate some of the excessive noise you are experiencing. Though this is not as effective as other soundproofing methods, it is a good short term solution.

Eliminate Window Gaps

Old windows will have contracted and expanded over time which can lead to gaps forming in them; these gaps are usually between the wall and the frame and can let unwanted noise seep in. There are a few different ways to eliminate window gaps, including applying insulation tape around the window and using expanding sealer foam.

Secondary Glazing 

Adding secondary glazing to existing windows is one of the most effective options. It reduces any unwanted noise and can even help to insulate a room by eliminating excessive draughts. Secondary glazing works by attaching another window layer to the side of the wall, so it is positioned away from the original window. This means that you will have two layers of windows, which works well for keeping noise out, but still have the original windows in place. Secondary glazing is a popular option for those that own period properties and want to keep the original style and design of the windows from the outside.

At Clearview Secondary Glazing we install secondary glazing in all different types of properties, including modern and listed buildings. Contact us today to find out more about secondary glazing and soundproofing your property. 



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