Our new website is up!

Secondary glazing for period property

Secondary glazing for period property

Our new site is up! Please visit and let us know what you think.

There are sections for commercial, residential, trade and DIY secondary glazing. There’s information on the entire product range – Classic and Forte – and each of our secondary glazing styles: horizontal sliders, vertical sliders, lift out units, hinge units and inserts.

Secondary glazing design and installation

Secondary glazing design and installation


DIY secondary glazing

There are plenty of case studies, where customers have used secondary glazing to help with draughts, condensation, noise and security problems. And there are fitting and measuring guides to make DIY secondary glazing as simple as possible. There’s information on our installation service too. All in all, we hope we’ve covered all the bases!


Clearview secondary glazing - the solution to significantly improved acoustic and heat insulation to your property, making your home or offices more comfortable, secure, greener and cost efficient to run. Achieved without the disruption of replacement windows, and without damaging the character of your building.

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